The Goat Man
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Song of the goatman

The Legend

Well he headed for down South out on the road,
though he still traveled all around he was our own,
Ches McCartney was his name, Lived life simple without shame
and in the end became a legend.

Raised his boy all alone on the road,
called the side of it their home,
Some called him names, the goatman,
have you seen him, the Legend?

Well I seen him leaving out of Macon, Georgia
for God knows where, just his goats, his wagon
pots and pans, his long grey hair, a real show,
one man band, was the goatman.

He taught of a one God, some remembered
Some forgot the words of the goatman.

Some thought he died somewhere between
here and California. No that ain't so, he's
Still livin in Macon, Georgia.

I seen him just the other day, Looked
at me what did he say, a prophet ain't
without honor except for in his own
homeland, in him they do find blame,
Said the goatman.

He taught of a one God, some remembered
Some forgot the words of the goatman.

Some say he died somewhere between here
and California, no it ain't so he found
Love in Macon, Georgia, Some remember
him as the goatman, around here he'll
always be Ches McCartney, the Legend.


Duane Branam first saw the Goat Man when he was about 6 years old. Over the years, Duane never saw the goat man again, but he never forgot him either. Early into 1997, Duane started looking for inspiration to write a song about Ches McCartney, the Legendary Goat Man. After learning that Ches was still alive in a nursing home in Macon, GA, and that there was a video documenting The Goat Man's life. After watching the video and talking with God, the pieces started coming together. That is when Duane wrote "The Legend", a tribute to the unorthodox lifestyle the Goat Man lived. The song was included in Part 2 of the Goat Man's documentary.

Duane now works at the Washington Regional Hospital in Sandersville, GA as a respiritory therapist, and still travels to play shows.

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The Legend & Other Music By Duane Branam

I went to Nashville in 1985 to see about a music career and began writing. Now I go twice a year to perform at Bluebird Cafe (shown above on left). I have friends in Rock Blues music like Chris Hicks with Marshall Tucker and other Southern Rock friends. Larry G. Hudson, dear friend Darrell West, family & friends really believed in me while playing in the Macon and Savannah areas. Most of all, my wife Molly believed in me!

I recorded with world renowned guitarist and friend Tim Brooks. Tim's band is the Alien Sharecroppers, who has played all over the US and in Europe.

If this 11 song CD doesn't get you, wait till I'm through with my next project!

- Duane Branam

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